Scientific Program

We are pleased to announce the confirmed scientific and poster presentations for the 100th Anniversary EBBA Meeting. We have a great line-up of presenters that you won’t want to miss!

You can view the full program of events below or download the

2023 EBBA Full Program:

Presenting Saturday, March 25

Neil Gifford, Conservation Director for the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission – Eastern whip-poor-will and ecosystem health in the Albany Pine Bush Preserve

Dan Mummert, Pennsylvania Game Commission (PCG), Southeast Regional Wildlife Recovery Biologist – The PA Game Commission’s Barn Owl Conservation Initiative: A 17-year review

Charlotte and Ethan Xu, Featherbed Lane Banding Station – The Relationship between Japanese Stiltgrass and Ground-foraging Songbirds

Archer Larned, Maryland Coastal Bays Program – Floating Island Successfully Attracted Common Tern Colony

Mercy Melo, PhD Student, University of Massachusetts Amherst – The continental decline of American kestrels: an investigation of possible drivers and future management strategies

Annie Lindsay, Powdermill Nature Reserve, Carnegie Museum of Natural History – A Bird Observatory for the 21st Century

Robert L. Curry, Villanova University – Using radio frequency identification (RFID) to study behavioral ecology of Carolina and Black-capped chickadees and their hybrids

Scott Stoleson, USDA Forest Service – Are Birds the Dispersal Vectors of Litylenchus crenatae Mccannii, the Nematode Associated with Beech Leaf Disease?

Robert J Smith, Co-Director of Environmental Science and Professor of Biology, The University of Scranton – Understanding avian migration in northeastern Pennsylvania: Insights from 18 years of banding data

Deirdre Robinson, Saltmarsh Sparrow Research Initiative – How banding Saltmarsh Sparrows (Ammospiza caudacuta) promotes inquiry into temperature-related changes in morphometrics over time

Ian Stewart, Delaware Nature Society – Feather mite prevalence in birds banded in south-east Pennsylvania and Delaware

Zoë Warner, PhD, Grassland Bird Consultant, Willistown Conservation Trust – Implementing Sustainable Grassland Bird Recovery through Creative Collaboration

Cailin O’Connor, Kean University – Determining the effects of traumatic brain injury from window strikes on migration in passerines using Motus

Antonio Celis-Murillo, Chief of the USGS National Bird Banding Lab (BBL), Eastern Ecological Science Center – What is new in the Bird Banding Lab? An overview of our accomplishments, direction, and vision

Lauren Ferreri, Manager – Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area (Pennsylvania Game Commission) – PA Game Commission American Kestrel Conservation Initiative: Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Phillys Gichuru, Virginia Tech – The Story of 2551-02515: Mapping survival and productivity of songbirds at Rushton Woods Preserve

Johannes Nelson, University of Pennsylvania – Bioacoustics and Machine Learning for Conservation

Bracken M. Brown, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary – New World Vultures and Citizen Scientists: Auxiliary marking engages the public while providing insight to natural history.